Although the COVID-19 era has caused an accelerated digitization process in most of the NGOs worldwide, there is still the belief that digital fundraising is a thing of NGOs with large budgets. However, this article wants to reaffirm the idea that digital fundraising, or crowdfunding based on donations, can and should be implemented in smaller NGOs.

Digital fundraising is a channel that has been developing in recent years and, in 2020, it has become the main tool for obtaining private donations. It is based on raising funds in a virtual way. They use techniques which, once established, allow potential donors to be approached and facilitate the fundraising process.

Although it’s expected that fundraising channels such as F2F (Face to Face) that remind us of times of human interaction, will once again be the main ones, it is undeniable that digital fundraising has come to stay and it is essential for the NGOs to survive in a pandemic that is dragging on much longer than initially expected. Specially taking into account that most of the global associative map is covered by small and medium-sized NGOs.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the need to end the myth that everything is free on the internet. A digital fundraising strategy is not simple or free, but is achievable for any entity that invests time in it. This last point is known to be true, because there are already many smaller NGOs (and more and more) that have entered the process of digitization and digital fundraising.

Here are 5 websites that are dedicated to the subject of marketing and communication of non-profit entities and can be used to make use of their publications or make specific queries on the subject:

Fundraising consultancy specialized in the third sector. They provide advice for the economic sustainability of NGOs and facilitate communication with society. As a social company, they have a particular recognition in raising funds, in which they have several publications on the subject. Specifically, on the topic of this article: Digital Fundraising: How do we start working?

Created in 1977, the Spanish Fundraising Association, is a non-profit organization that seeks to develop philanthropy and professionalize fundraising in Spain. They work in different areas and have a large number of associates and updated publications on fundraising: Digital Fundraising, the key in times of lockdown.

Manager in Digital Marketing, Carlo Farucci has a blog on Digital Fundraising and Online Marketing where you can obtain well-prepared and explicit articles on the subject, as well as being able to consult existing doubts. 12 Digital Fundraising Trends in 2020 for Nonprofits.

Founded by José Gutiérrez Salinas, a non-profit organization consultant and social marketing advisor, this website has online courses and modules on communication and fundraising for small and medium-sized NGOs. He also offers free posts, elaborate articles on his blog, and video tutorials (on his YouTube channel) on various related topics.

Founded and directed by María M. García, professor and tutor of the Master’s and Postgraduate courses at IEBS Business School with more than 12 years of experience in advising third-sector organizations. Social Semantics is aimed at non-profit entities, to promote their digital transformation processes and improve their communication channels and fundraising. They have training courses, personalized consultation options and very practical articles: Management, communication and fundraising in times of Coronavirus.