Volunteering is usually an activity associated with the younger sector, and in many cases, the numbers accompany this assumption as the percentage of volunteers over 50 is much lower than that of young people.

So, is there an age limit on volunteering?

The NGOs do not set a maximum age for applicants, most of them predispose the candidate to be over 18. It is a question of maturity, of want. The age, in this case, is only a number, if you have the time, commitment and an a strong will you won’t have more limits than those you put on yourself.

It is true that many volunteer projects do not take place in the most comfortable conditions, but keep in mind that there are all kinds of projects; once you know what the work is and think that you can handle it, go for it!

Talk to the NGO, ask them to detail the hard work and experience needed, and if you have children, take them with you! Volunteering is a unique experience that will bring them great values from a young age.

What you have to clearly understand is that there is no age limit to dream of a better world.