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House of Mercy Foundation

House of Mercy Foundation


Christy Tissera

Description of the project and the work to be done

We run this special needs children in a rendered House since 2016. It is much difficult to shift the school martials often to change the location. Therefore the committee has decided to raise fund to buy a land to build to school.
At present these children undergo the following activities.
• Basic writing and drawing skills
• Physical exercise
• Basic Computer usage
• Dancing
• How to attend to their daily tasks such as getting ready for school having meals properly, proper toilet usage, personal hygienic etc.
12. We have been advised by the experts that the following too should be introduced, which will further develop their activities.
 Speech therapy
 Vocational therapy
 Counseling
13. Since we have children above the age of 17, we have been advised by the expert in the field to give them vocational therapy training.
1. Therefore, at present we train them cloth carpet weaving using waste cloth purchased from garment factories.
2. We were making slippers
3. We have drawn up plans and done feasibility studies to start the manufacture of wax wicks for coconut oil lamps and incense sticks used in homes for religious worship.

Project Objectives

Good health and well-being
Decent work and economic growth
Life on land
Partnerships for the goals

Type of activity

International volunteering


Sri Lanka




This project in near the Chilaw city . Descent people are residing in our

Number of places

10 places

Languages needed


Languages spoken by the NGO

English / Sinhala and Tamil


US$ 31250
To purchase the land with the building which we use for the school

Experience required

Experience is not necessary to be a volunteer to raise fund

Project duration

No specific dates

Volunteering time table

Weekly work days:

Five Days


9 hours a day

Included services

  • Internet


We believe the volunteers from Intranasally could raise fund for our project