Volunteering with animals is perfect for those of us who love them. To be able to live with, in many cases, exotic animals and to know that you are doing your bit for their survival and care, brings forward an incredible feeling of being useful.

But, if you are willing to enjoy an experience like that, you also have to take into account and self-analyze your behavior, animals are not tourism, you are there to responsibly care for those who unfortunately are in danger by human activity.

Do not go to a volunteering programme with animals just to have a photo on social media with a beautiful animal, we agree that they are beautiful, but your trip should focus on your love for them and their conservation, not to raise your ego thanks to the impact that your activity has on your media.

You will probably find on our website projects related to the fauna and flora of many countries, projects that care about the animals, not the tourists.

Beware of those internet searches that show you sanctuaries or reserves that allow their volunteers or visitors contact with wild animals. Because unfortunately, the business with exotic animals is incredibly widespread.