A few tips that should be read carefully, or you will risk buying a policy that does not cover you for the type of trip you have planned.


Evidence of your valuables: To claim for loss or theft, you must first prove that you bought the items (receipts) and that they were there (take a picture of the valuables before you leave) and that they were stolen (an official police report).  Read your policy and understand exactly what is required to make a claim.


Document your illness: call your insurance company as soon as you're sick; they'll help you find the best doctor or hospital in the area, and your policy probably says you have to do that. By calling your insurance, you agree to let them help you choose your doctor and participate in the process. If you refuse or decide not to, it may not be covered.


Follow the law: if you are not allowed to drive the vehicle in your country, then you are not covered in case of an accident either. So if you have an accident on a Thai road because of the wind, you will not be covered if something serious happens.


Read your policy: we know, it is boring and long but read it, understand what you are covered and what you are not covered for. And if you're not sure, email them or call them!


Uncovered items: from pre-existing situations to extreme sports, there are issues you don't get in a general travel policy, some you might get covered in policies intended for expats. 


Read your policy!