It's true that for most of us our biggest holiday period is in the summer when we can take advantage of it to spend a few weeks volunteering.

This post is aimed at those who can and are thinking about volunteering in the winter. Keep reading because there are many places to go, it is a season where projects continue, and a lot of collaboration is still needed.

To emphasize that there are no better or worse places to volunteer, it is all a matter of taste and possibilities for each one.

With that in mind and after an exhaustive search, these are the best places in any particular order, chosen according to a general criteria of price, climate, etc. 

Perfect for the Christmas season:

  • Peru
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Ghana
  • South Africa

Volunteering is a unique and incredible experience in any month of the year, but possibly in winter the number of volunteers in the project will be much lower, if you want to get as involved as possible, this is your time!