Do you want to volunteer and have no idea where to start looking? You don't have much time or a big budget?


Surely if you have arrived at this post, it is because it is your first time embarking on this adventure, and you are a little lost. Or what also happens, that you only have clear idea of the continent where you want to go.


The first thing you need to know is what kind of volunteering you want to do, and we don't mean if you want to work with animals or build houses, you must determine if your volunteering is going to be international, local, virtual or if a solidarity trip is more suitable to your needs.


Then, we recommend that you set yourself some objectives, which you want to obtain or develop with this adventure. It is true that the focus should be on the help and the good you will do, but volunteering will give you experiences that differ greatly from one another, and that may interest you more or less.


When you have specified your search, you will surely find several NGOs that interest you, contact them through the chat and ask them everything and more, keep in mind that the philosophy of each NGO is different, make sure it agrees with your own values.


Below is a small selection of general types of volunteering.


  • Natural disasters
  • Flora and fauna
  • Refugees
  • Communication
  • Humanitarian
  • Cultural
  • Technicians (doctors, architects...)