This post is dedicated to those avid readers who are more comfortable reading and devouring books on their subjects of interest than hearing or viewing testimonials. This includes volunteering and its various practices.

The first book is entitled In the Shadow of Man, Jane Goodall

It will specially interest those with a passion for animals, the author is a reowned humanitarian and scientist. In the book the doctor describes her life among wild chimpanzees. 

The second book is called Finding Beauty in a Broken World, Terry Tempest Williams

In it, the author, writes about the connection and collision of nature and humans, she writes about community and spirituality. It is a must if you need a little inspiration before volunteering abroad. 

The third book, The Voluntourist, Ken Budd

From the author Ken Budd, he writes about finding your destiny, that is after a tragedy to be able to accept the present and embark in an emotional journey among the most difficult situations and numerous worthy causes. 

The fourth book, A Gift of Hope: Helping the Homeless, Danielle Steel

The author, describes her journey after the death of her beloved son, and how helping homeless people around the streets of San Francisco for years, enriched her life. 

In addition, in many websites you can find children's books, tender and supportive. They will help the little ones in the house to understand the world of volunteering and how even they can do something to change things. Some examples are:

This list is very small compared to the volume of books on this subject, I advise you to look for yourself and find the ones that suit your reading tastes.